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ADPR Students Take Home ADDY Awards

Addy AwardsTwelve students from the School of Advertising and Public Relations earned 43 honors at the Knoxville American Advertising Federation (AAF) awards Saturday night.

Hannah Lagoski took home a Gold ADDY Award for her work with Inuksuit. She also earned a Silver ADDY Award, as did three other students: Madison Duncan, Ashley Hendrix and Lukas McCrary. Hendrix earned a school-leading three Silver Addys for her advertising work on The Brown Girls Guide to College, KOKOA and BLKGRLPWR.

All 12 ADPR honorees collected at least one Bronze Citation of Excellence. Additional bronze medal winners included: Matthew Art, Joan Hargett, Brooke Heinsohn, Yulisia Lopez, Nicole Maestri, Bailey Morris, Noah Shirley and Jake Wade. Heinsohn earned nine total bronze citations.

University of Tennessee Student Award Winners

Matthew Art
Bronze Citations of Excellence (3)
– Goosewood Brewing Co. Outdoor Board
– Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain
– Disney Single Ticket Magazine

Madison Duncan
Silver Addy Award (1)
– Madison’s Portfolio
Bronze Citation of Excellence (1)
– Madison’s Portfolio

Joan Hargett
Bronze Citations of Excellence (2)
– Yes To
– WISEACRE Craft Beer Company

Brooke Heinsohn
Bronze Citations of Excellence (9)
– Jelly Photographs: eCommerce site
– Elevation Peak
– Camp Tellico T-shirt (2)
– Sounds Zesty
– Into the Abyss
– Mountain Drizzle
– Heavenly Cheers
– Aqua Goat

Ashley Hendrix
Silver Addy Awards (3)
– The Brown Girls Guide to College
Bronze Citations of Excellence (4)
– Saint Indigio
– Kelis – Harlem
– Kelis – Harlem (artist renovation)
– Bounty & Full

Hannah Lagoski
Gold Addy Award (1)
– Inuksuit
Silver Addy Award (1)
– Dizzy Bat

Yulisia Lopez
Bronze Citations of Excellence (6)
– Pearls Olives Print Ad (2)
– Quaker Oats Print Ad (3)
– Pearls and Quaker Oats Ads

Nicole Maestri
Bronze Citations of Excellence (4)
– Godiva Chocolate – You Deserve This
– Phoenix Pharmacy & Fountain Outdoor (3)

Lukas McCrary
Silver Addy Award (1)
– The Room
Bronze Citations of Excellence (3)
– Cumberland Streptease Improve
– Big Hair Night of Comedy
– Godiva Chocolate Ad

Bailey Morris
Bronze Citations of Excellence (2)
– Cross – Give ‘Em Your Jane Hancock
– Bass Pro – Family Style

Noah Shirley
Bronze Citation of Excellence (1)
– UnwarranTed Commercial

Jake Wade
Bronze Citation of Excellence (1)
– Phoenix Pharmacy & Fountain Outdoor Billboard

Photo Credit: Colby’s Photography