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Big Orange in the Big Apple

Matt MeyersFinding the right career path as a college student is a tough journey and looks different for everyone. For Matt Myers, a senior studying advertising, his journey included attending the advertising trip to New York City.

The AdClub is a student-run organization that hosts an annual trip to New York City to provide students the opportunity to tour advertising agencies, network with industry professionals and explore the city. Myers decided to attend the trip to New York because he wanted to better understand agency life, build relationships with companies and decide if he truly desired to pursue an advertising career in New York after graduation.

One aspect of the New York trip that makes it unique to other university trips is the freedom offered to the students during their week in the city. Although there is a schedule to tour specific agencies, students are given the opportunity to explore New York throughout the day, try new restaurants, and interview with companies on their own. Myers spent his free time attending a Broadway show and interviewing for summer internships.

For Myers and many other students in attendance, one of the most eye-opening parts of the trip was discovering the endless possibilities that advertising has to offer. “I discovered careers that I never knew were possible,” said Myers. “We met a woman whose sole job was brand activation. This trip opened our minds to career opportunities that we didn’t even know existed.”

One of the main reasons that students are given the opportunity to tour agencies is to expose them to the culture of each organization. Myers explains, “Every agency has a specific personality. Instead of just wanting a job after college, it’s important to understand the culture. This trip taught me how to ask questions about the organization’s dynamic, so I can find the best place for me.”

The New York trip gave Myers and many other students the clarity they were hoping to find. After graduating this spring, he hopes to move to New York and begin his career in agency life, specifically in entertainment marketing.