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Please refer to university and departmental policies regarding travel.

School of Advertising and PR travel reimbursement procedures

All faculty, staff, and graduate students traveling with funds from the School of Advertising and PR should adhere to university fiscal policies. It is the responsibility of the traveler to know university travel policy before traveling. Graduate students please note: travel paperwork and reimbursement is processed in the Associate Dean’s office. Please contact Mrs. Margaret Taylor for processes required by their office.

Steps for Travel Before Departure

  1. Fill out T-18 Travel Request Form and submit to the Director.
    1. All sources of funding should be included on this form including: funding from ADPR, CCI, GSS, SARIF. etc.
    2. An additional form is required by CIE for international travel.
  2. Once an approved travel authorization form is in IRIS you may purchase a conference membership or registration on the departmental procurement card.
    1. Receipts on the procurement card must be sent to Lauren for reconciliation.
    2. If you purchase conference registration or membership on your own it will not be reimbursed until AFTER travel is completed.
  3. To have airfare billed directly to the university you must fill out the T-25 Application for Direct Bill of Airfare form and return the form to Lauren. You will be notified when the application is approved.
    1. Once your travel is approved you pay purchase your airfare through Concur/World Travel.
    2. Any airfare not purchased through Concur/World Travel will not be reimbursed until AFTER the travel is completed.

Reimbursement of Travel

For travel reimbursement please provide Lauren either

  • All original receipts in one printed packet OR
  • All original receipts in one .pdf packet


All receipts should include the following information: traveler’s name, dates of services, amount charged, method of payment, zero balance due, and vendor name.  All receipts should be easily readable.  Do not “hand-edit” receipts. If you need to note things that should be excluded, do so in a separate message to Lauren

Items required for travel reimbursement

  1. T-3 reimbursement form
  2. Conference program which shows dates of program and if any meals were provided
  3. Proof of conference hotel from conference website
  4. Full airfare receipt (even if direct billed)
  5. Airline baggage receipts
  6. Conference hotel receipt which shows a zero balance and per-day charges
  7. Conference membership and registration receipts (even if charged on p-card)
  8. Parking receipts
  9. Ground transportation receipts from subway, taxi, bus, Uber or Lyft

Room Reservations

ADPR Conference Room


Scripps Theater

To reserve the CCI lobby or patio, please contact Beth Cole at

ADPR 2019-2020 Key Dates

CCI 2019-2020 Key Dates

Academic Calendars

Exam Schedule and University Key Dates

ADPR Faculty / Staff Calendar – please note that all faculty, staff, lecturers, and GTA have access to the departmental Outlook calendar.

These Bylaws are instituted by the School of Advertising and Public Relations as directed by the College of Communication and Information. The School’s Bylaws are supplemental to the College Bylaws, the Faculty Handbook and the Manual for Faculty Evaluation, and the regulations of the University in general; in the event of conflict, the latter will prevail.

  • Promote the mission, goals, and objectives of the School of Advertising & PR as stated in the current Graduate Catalog of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Provide an operational framework for democratic and collegial interaction among the members of the Faculty to discuss and to determine academic and professional policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Promote the mission of the University of Tennessee, which includes excellence in instruction, research, and public service.

ADPR Bylaws

The future of the University of Tennessee’s College of Communication and Information lies in innovative learning, scholarship, and societal engagement.The primary aspiration of the college can be summarized in a single word: excellence. The college and its individual units will become recognized for their excellence internationally, nationally and regionally and for the caliber of their research and creative activity, teaching and service. Collaboration across the units will maximize our contributions to the university and society.

Aligned with this vision, the School of Advertising and Public Relations is one excellent School with two strong and distinct programs committed to teaching, research and service to the professions.

Strategic Plan

The following are the committee assignments for faculty and staff for the 2020-2021 academic year.