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Faculty Resources

Faculty Central is the official University of Tennessee portal designed to quickly connect faculty with the campus web resources they use most often.

Please refer to university and departmental policies regarding travel.

ADPR Conference Room

ABSMCC, Scripps Convergence Lab, and the 3rd floor lobby and patio use 25Live, the campus-wide room scheduling system, for reserving rooms. 25Live requires NetID login and pages open in a new browser tab/window.

460 (ABSMCC)

399 (3rd floor lobby and patio)

Academic Calendars

Exam Schedule and University Key Dates

ADPR Faculty / Staff Calendar – please note that all faculty, staff, lecturers, and GTA have access to the departmental Outlook calendar.

These Bylaws are instituted by the Tombras School of Advertising & Public Relations as directed by the College of Communication and Information. The School’s Bylaws are supplemental to the College Bylaws, the Faculty Handbook and the Manual for Faculty Evaluation, and the regulations of the University in general; in the event of a conflict, the latter will prevail.

  • Promote the mission, goals, and objectives of the School of Advertising & PR as stated in the current Graduate Catalog of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Provide an operational framework for democratic and collegial interaction among the members of the Faculty to discuss and to determine academic and professional policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Promote the mission of the University of Tennessee, which includes excellence in instruction, research, and public service.

ADPR Bylaws

The future of the University of Tennessee’s College of Communication and Information lies in innovative learning, scholarship, and societal engagement. The primary aspiration of the college can be summarized in a single word: excellence. The college and its individual units will become recognized for their excellence internationally, nationally, and regionally and for the caliber of their research and creative activity, teaching, and service. Collaboration across the units will maximize our contributions to the university and society.

Aligned with this vision, the School of Advertising and Public Relations is one excellent School with two strong and distinct programs committed to teaching, research, and service to the professions.

Strategic Plan

School of Advertising & Public Relations Service

Assessment Committee:

Mariea Hoy (2021-2022) and Michael Palenchar (2021-2022)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee:

Christina Najera (2021-2022), Sifan Xu (2021-2022), and Lauren Ziegler (2021-2022)

Scholarship & Awards Committee:

Courtney Childers (2021-2022), Christina Najera (2021-2022), and Derrick Holland (2021-2022)

Graduate Student Advisors:

Eric Haley, Advertising Concentration (2021-2022)

Candace White, Public Relations Concentration (2021-2022)

Beth Avery Foster and Lauren Ziegler, 4+1 ADPR Concentration (2021-2022)

Internship Coordinator:

Joe Stabb (2021-2024)

AdClub Advisor:

Robyn Blakeman (2021-2024)

PRSSA Advisor:

Derrick Holland (2020-2023)

ADPR Board of Advisors:

Beth Avery Foster, ex officio

Lauren Ziegler, Departmental Liasion

Assistant Professor Search Committee (2021-2022):

Eric Haley, Chair


College of Communication & Information Service

Dean’s Advisory Council:

Christina Najera (2021-2022)

Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Council:

Kibum Youn (2021-2022)

Staff Advisory Council:

Lauren Ziegler, Chair (2021-2022)

Departmental Review Committee (DRC) for Human Subjects Research:

Candace White (2021-2022) and Moonhee Cho (2021-2022)

Diversity & Inclusion Committee:

Christina Najera (2021-2022), Joe Stabb (2021-2022) and Lauren Ziegler (2021-2022)

Faculty Affairs Committee:

Eric Haley (2020-2022) and Mariea Hoy (2021-2023)

Graduate Studies Committee:

Moonhee Cho (2020-2022)

Research Advisory Committee:

Matthew Pittman (2021-2022)

Strategic Planning Committee:

Beth Avery Foster (2021-2022)

Technology Committee:

Sifan Xu (2021-2022)

Undergraduate Committee:

Robyn Blakeman, Co-Chair (2020-2022)

Global Programs Interest Group:

Eric Haley (2021-2022)

Outreach Interest Group:

Joe Stabb (2021-2022)

Social Media Week:

Courtney Childers (2021-2022), Lauren Ziegler (2021-2022), and Jill Williams (2021-2022)

Communication Studies Director Search (2021-2022):

Beth Avery Foster, Chair

University-Wide Service

Faculty Senate:

Candace White (2020-2023) and Matthew Pittman (2021-2024)

Chancellor’s Commissions and Councils:

Lauren Ziegler, Commission on Disability (2021-2022)

Graduate Council:

Sifan Xu, Proxy (2021-2022)

Undergraduate Council:

Robyn Blakeman

Employee Relations Council (ERC):

Lauren Ziegler, Proxy (2020-2022)

Graduate Student Association:

Alex Carter (2020-2022)