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Inside Study Abroad – Australia

Hunter McClure in AustraliaAdvertising student and recipient of the Conaway Andervertising Scholarship, Hunter McClure is studying abroad this semester in Australia. Hunter along with other College of Communication & Information students are participating in a semester-long experience spear-headed by Dr. Sam Swan. While there Hunter and his classmates are studying at the University of Sydney.

“Studying abroad this semester in Sydney, Australia, has changed my life. You go into it thinking that it’s going to be a giant vacation, but in reality you are adapting and becoming part of the culture. It is honestly better than a vacation because you get the full experience and truly feel like you are a local. I find myself speaking with the lingo and helping people who are lost on the street. I especially have become keen on the laid-back lifestyle that the Aussies have. The environment is so unique and inviting that everyone should experience it.” -Hunter McClure

Sydney Australia“This experience has been crazy, and I still find myself doing new things each day. I have fed wild kangaroos, held a koala, seen a show at the famous Sydney Opera House, learned to surf at Surf Camp, scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, studied diligently at the University of Sydney, and interned at Benojo. Australia is a place you can never get bored. It is filled with opportunity and adventure everywhere you look.
 My time here is quickly coming to an end, but I already plan to come back some day. The atmosphere is infectious and the lifestyle is so welcoming that you never want to leave. For now I am going to enjoy and savor my next few weeks and continue to do as much as I can! Everyone should check into studying abroad. The applications are easy and there are so many scholarships available to help you out. Never look back on your life and say “what if?”