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Chancellor’s Honors students in the AD program

Chancellors honors Advertising and Public Relations is pleased to announce we have three Chancellor’s Honors students in the advertising program this semester.

Senior J.R. Generotti, assisted by faculty mentor Robyn Blakeman. Seniors Alex Wade and Steven Woods, assisted by faculty mentor Courtney Childers. 

Throughout the semester the students worked on additional assignments to achieve honors credit including a final honors thesis. 

On April 2, Wade and Woods participated in the 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted by the Undergraduate Research Student’s Association (URSA)

Wade mentions, “My research was fun, and I enjoyed being able to study what I wanted to as well as utilize Social Studio. I did enjoy presenting my research. His Honors Thesis title is Kanye West: The Brand.)” Wade would recommend the conference to future Chancellor’s honors students, but said on the other hand, “it was very quiet and it took a little bit of the shine out of it. It didn’t really feel like an event at all, rather just other undergraduate research students seeing what everyone else did, given it was on a Saturday.”

Woods mentions, “My research was on my Honors Thesis, which is titled “Understanding Trends in Social Media Advertising from the Agency Perspective.” My presentation focused on the Influencer Marketing portion of my research. I did enjoy presenting my research to others. I have put a lot of time into my research and it was nice to share it with a group of people who were genuinely interested to hear about it. I did receive ample feedback from the audience inquiring more about my findings.” He said his favorite presentation of the day was by Katie Beckett and her research was on the linguistics of social media. He found her research interesting because she, “analyzed how the word “lit” was used across the most popular platforms, the sentiment in which it is used, and how advertisers are using the word to connect with consumers. I found her research very interesting and relatable for my field of study as well as on a personal level.”

Woods recommends this conference to future Chancellor’s Honors students. He mentions the one thing the conference lacked was, “attendees that weren’t presenters. I would recommend both senior CHP students to present as well as lower classmen CHP students to attend, so Chancellors honorsthey can get a feel for what to expect as seniors in the program.” 

In addition, Wade and Woods both participated in EUReCA, which took place the week of April 11-15. The Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURēCA) is an annual event that showcases research and creative activities by currently enrolled undergraduate students in collaboration with a University of Tennessee, Knoxville faculty mentor. To view abstracts and more information: