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2016 Knoxville American Advertising Awards

Knoxville Addy 2016 The 51st Annual ADDY’s Award Show need your help! Students this is an awesome way to showcase your work and recieve event experience.
The ADDY’s Award Show is a yearly award show where all of Knoxville’s best agencies get together to show their best work over the past year. Every year the event brings 300-400+ people together to reward and show appreciation for the great work that comes out of Knoxville. This years award show theme: STAR WARS!
Winning an ADDY shows dedication and commitment to your work. This is a HUGE opportunity to be able to show off something extremely commendable on your resume. If you win an award, you will automatically be advanced to the regional awards to compete on a much larger scale. To cover some of the basic rules: You can enter a group project, it can be a fictitious campaign or a real one, you’re not limited to the number of categories/pieces you can enter, and as long as you’re a student right now you qualify. There is a PDF attached of all of the rules and different categories. You will be competing against other college student’s in the area, so this is an opportunity to show UTK’s superiority.
The first 40 entries will be free courtesy of RIVR Digital — limited to one free entry per user. You can submit your entry at http://www.theaddystrikesbackcom and use the promo code: theaddystrikesback to get one of the free entries.
4-5 student volunteers are needed to help set up the show, set up the creative gallery, and be at the event. You will get the opportunity to meet all of the big names of the advertising world in Knoxville — from agency account managers, planners, creatives, and even the owners. This is a great opportunity to be able to meet the people in your industry and network with them. This is also another great thing to put on a resume.
If you are interested in volunteering please send a resume or LinkedIn profile link to with a brief description of what advertising field you want to work in (planning, account management, creative, etc.) and your goals.
For more information about the show, please visit:
Information provided via Micah Brookshear, Search Strategist.