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CCI 2015 Faculty Teaching Award

Robyn Blakeman Faculty Award Congratulations Professor Robyn Blakeman on the College of Communication and Information 2015 Faculty Teaching Award.

Professor Blakeman provides students in the School of Advertising and Public Relations with multiple opportunities to become professionals in the field of advertising. Around the School, Professor Blakeman is the “creative person.” She teaches two of the required classes within our sequence: Ad Design (Ad 310) and Creative Strategies (Ad 350). Additionally, Professor Blakeman supervises the Portfolio class where students develop high quality portfolios that often lead to jobs among top advertising agencies.

Professor Blakeman developed a study abroad program with Roxanne Hovland, which was implemented in May 2014.  The first year of the program was a success and Professor Blakeman plans to continue leading this program to Ireland.

Blakeman has worked tirelessly with the Ad Club at UT. Through her role as Advisor, the Ad Club has provided students with networking activities and professional development. Many students attribute their success in the field of advertising to Professor Blakeman.

Blakeman publishes popular press books on design that have a wide reach and help students at universities across the United States learn about developing creative messages. Her books are considered “must have” teaching texts in advertising classes. She features her students’ work as examples of creative design. She provides step-by-step directions in ways to be creative. In her most recent book, Advertising Campaign Design: Just the Essentials, Professor Blakeman dedicates the book to “every student who has ever sworn that they have no talent or claimed they never had a good idea.”

Professor Blakeman has served our students in multiple capacities: teaching, advising, publishing, mentoring and organizing study abroad. We are proud she is recognized for her contributions to the School and the College.